Made On YouTube

Made On YouTube is an exclusive live event that announces the latest ways YouTube supports and spotlights creators.

In another fun collaboration with the Google Events & Experiences team, I helped develop the design system for the entire event and ensured a seamless visual experience throughout. This involved working with DE-YAN on the video presentation and MAS on the space/experience design.

Based on the brand guide we developed, the talented team at DE-YAN crafted keynote animations that captured the vibrancy and creativity of the YouTube community.

Together with MAS, we transformed the massive sound stage into an intimate community gathering that complemented the keynote design, adorned with floor-to-ceiling posters featuring our creators and comically huge 3D sculptures.

Creative Direction: Thomas Manion
Art Direction & Design: Deborah Ho, Kittaya Treseangrat
Animation: DE-YAN
Google Events & Experiences, MAS Productions


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